SBIOA Educational Trust

The State Bank of India Officers' Association (Chennai Circle) whose motto is "Service Before Self" is a registered Trade Union of S.B.I. Officers working in the State of Tamilnadu and U.T. of Pondicherry. The State Bank of India Officers' Association Educational Trust was sponsored in the year 1978 by the Association and it started educational institutions for the benefit of Officers' children and to serve the society. This service is given irrespective of caste, creed or colour.               


CARS - Center for Applied Research & Studies A unique club for innovation titled CARS caters to students with a creative bent of mind. The centre is guided by Dr.Arun Razza , an alumnus of SBOA Coimbatore, an innovator with many international and national patents to his credit. An action plan on robotics and mobile apps keeps the group focused. The group exhibit their knowledge through projects. CARS designed an energy-saving device for ATMs that has been applied by the State Bank of India.


The acronym SHARPEN stands for SBIOA Higher Academy For Research and Professional Enrichment. Dr.Indra Jayaraj is the Vice-Principal of the Academy.The Academy has been conducting academic programmes round the year for students and staff of SBOA Schools. The topics covered at the seminars are in compliance with the needs of the teachers. The Academy aims at helping teachers upgrade their skills, providing teachers with opportunities to keep them abreast of the changing trends in the educational scenario, enhancing their professional competence. The platform provides a forum for the teachers.